Meet The Family

Traditional Spaghetti Sauce

     Our spaghetti sauce is semi-sweet and made using the freshest ingredients.  We make our sauce with the family spaghetti dinner in mind but it's also equally suited to layer inside your homemade lasagna.  Crafted using the finest Californian tomatoes, we promise our sauce is slow-cooked, low in sugar, and made with no preservatives.


Pizza Sauce

 Our signature pizza sauce is also semi-sweet and has been our secret to pizza-pie success! It's delicious as a tangy dipping marinara for breadsticks, calamari, or bruschetta.


Spicy Garlic

The newest addition to our line of homemade Italian sauces, Spicy Garlic. This tomato based sauce is for those looking to add some more heat to their spaghetti dinner.